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Texas Trailer Inspections
Trailer Inspection Checklist:  
05.06 Inspect all trailers, semitrailers, pole trailers or mobile homes exceeding 4500 pounds actual gross weight or registered weight.

*CHECK for evidence of financial responsiblity on towing vehicle.

​1.     Brakes (system) (If gross weight esceeds 4,500 lbs.)
2.     Tires
3.     Wheel Assembly
4.     Safety guard or flaps (if 4 tires or more on rearmost axle)  Pole trailers           exempt
5.     Tail Lamps (2)
6.     Stop Lamps (2)
7.     License plate lamp (1)
8.     Rear Red Reflectors (2)
9.    Turn Signal Lamps
10.  Clearance Lamps
11.   Side Marker Lamps
12.   Side Reflectors
13.   Side Marker Lamps and Reflectors (20 feet or more in overall length)
14.   Serial or Vehicle Identification Number
The state of Texas requires all trailers to be inspected yearly.  
T3 Truck N Trailer is an official vehicle (including trailer) inspection station.  

We also do DOT inspections of Truck and Trailer units.  

Texas Inspection Fees
(these fees are set by the State of Texas)

Trailer/ Motorcycle $14.50
State Vehicle: $14.50
All DOT (vehicle or trailer):$62 each