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Trailer Safety Checklist:
Serial or Vehicle Identification Number
Safety guards or flaps (f 4 tires or more
 on rearmost axle.
Wheel Assemblies - Hubs & Bearings
Stop Lights
Side Clearance Lights
License Plate Lamp
Reflective Side and Rear Tape
   (click here for full DOT lighting requirements)

Stress cracks
Hitch and Jack Replacement
Big or small, your job is important to us.  We know you need to get back on the road quickly and know your equipment is safe.  We repair and replace brakes, trailer springs, hubs, bearings, tires, hitches and axles.   Wiring, lights and reflective markings can be repaired or replaced.  We also repair stress cracks and can replace rusted or broken metal.  Wooden decks can be repaired or totally replaced. If it's broken--we most likely can fix it!
Trailer Repair
Brake Repair and Replacement
  Electric 7K-12K
  Hydraulic Brakes
  Hose Replacement
Lights and Markings
  Turn Signals
  Clearance Lights
  Reflective Marking

  Replace wiring to lights and brakes
  Re-wire plugs

  Straight or cambered axles
  7k-25k axles
  Replace and repack bearings
  Full hub replacement

Welding and Structural Repair
   We can repair and replace beams, side  slate, goosenecks, trailer tongues, decking and repair enclosed horse and utility trailers.  

Stock Trailers - Utility Trailers  -  Enclosed Trailers 
 Auto Transport Trailers  -  Flatbeds  -  Dump Trailers
Do It Yourself
If you are building your trailer or just doing routine maintenance, we are here to help.  We can order the parts you need and offer free, professional advice that can make your project go smoothly.